Man o To

“Man o To” 

What a slippery concept is ownership actually? Isn’t sense of ownership just an illusion of our everything; pride, ego, jealousy, fear? Less we have, more we embrace without fearing from the changes, limits and boundaries. When we don’t own anything, isn’t it when we own all and be able to love everything?

That’s what was crossing my mind while listening to “Man o To” originally a poem by Rumi meaning Me and You, Berlin-based artist “Nu” real name Fabian Lamar sings in Persian. Rumi dedicated this poem to his soul mate Shams-i Tabrizi and expressed the adjoining two bodies become one. The size of their love is even beyond our understanding however we see the universality of Rumi in these verses. Perhaps Rumi wrote the most beautiful words to describe love. Isn’t Love becoming one? Two people, two bodies, two souls becoming one – two forms, two faces, yet one soul together..

Isn’t Love a sort of different feelings from pleasure to interpersonal devotion? Does not Love represent a state of a strong attraction? Does not Love consist of those three; intimacy, commitment, and passion? Cannot Love be viewed as a biological condition or a merit in relation with tenderness? Isn’t Love the base of altruism? Or vice versa, isn’t altruism ground of Love? Does Love mean being selflessness with a deep appreciation? Isn’t love an international language regardless of linguistic and cultural discrimination as well? Isn’t Love the greatest emotion of all?

Isn’t the answer vague in a way? Perhaps love is not one thing, and has many different facets..

Ancient Greeks explains love in four different states. Storge; kinship or natural compassion, philia; virtuous love as “love of the mind” according to Aristotle, eros; passionate love with romantic and sensual desire as “love of the body”, agape; pure divine love as “love of the soul”. In Hinduism, being perfectly in love with God is considered as inferior love and makes one’s self perfectly free from materialism which is the ultimate way of liberation – as in NAMASTE Greeting: “I bow to the divine in you. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place within you, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place within you and I am in that place within me, we are united, we are the same, we are one.”

Isn’t Love more than a feeling? Don’t we nurture and develop Love? Does not Love depend on our relation to it? Does Love exist within ourselves or do we exist within Love? Love honors the independency of each soul. Love is a choice. Love is active. Love is an art. Love has neither borders nor territories. Love is an independent radiation of two delusions dancing together. Isn’t what matters; Love is always there in some facet?



“khonak an dam ke neshinim dar eyvan, man o to
be do naghsho be do soorat, be yeki jan, man o to
khosh o faregh ze khorafat-e-parishan, man o to
man o to, bi man o to, jam’ shavim az sar-e-zogh”

“the pleasant moment of sitting in front of the door, me and you.
with two figures and two faces, with one life, me and you.
joyful and careless, free from distracting myths, me and you.
me and you, without us (ego), gather because of virtue (love)”

I always loved Rumi. However this poem along with the music is a soundtrack of a strange but a peaceful flavor. Everything takes longer than a simple state; all particles of a whole divided into parts come together. Without realizing we are part of the ecosystem and affect each other, we all are estranged but with a unitary if we can all see. It is a wonderful synthesis of an illusion of a deep, warm but also a crisp well. Like a long joyful journey that you don’t want it to come to an end but at the same time you are curious to know where it would take you. Let the song lead you wherever you should to be..




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